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Prof. MelÚndez

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Professor Mariselle MelÚndez
Associate Professor of Colonial Spanish American Literatures and Cultures


This course is an introduction to the literary and cultural production of colonial Spanish America. We will examine some of the major figures and their most significant works from the moments prior to the Discovery to the eighteenth century. We will study how women and other colonial subjects such as Creoles, mestizos, mulattos, and blacks, wrote or expressed themselves from within the colonial system in order to produce alternative accounts of the European presence in colonial Spanish America. The class will focus on a variety of topics including the impact that European and the native cultures had on one another, the intellectual and cultural climate of the period, and the issues of authority, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity as related to the representation of the colonial subject. We will analize a wide variety of writings and works such as chronicles, relaciones, cartas, newspapers, poetry, spiritual autobiographies, travel literature, paintings, and illustrations. We will examine how visual images offered an account of the practices of negotiation, domination and resistance that were involved in the process of the conquest and colonization in Spanish America by becoming an intrinsic part of the identity construction of the colonial subject. Class will be conducted in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 454.

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