Why not consider Portuguese and Brazilian Studies as a (Double) Major or (Double) Minor? It may be easier than you think.

Undergraduate students can pursue either a Major or a Minor in Portuguese. Portuguese can also be used to fulfil a foreign language requirement for certain departments as well as FLAS language and culture requirements. If you already know or are learning Spanish or any other Romance language, Portuguese is your best next option for professional, intellectual, and practical reasons. See our section "Why Portuguese" for more information.

We are currently revising our undergraduate curriculum. If Portuguese is a concentration area for you, we encourage you to also consider studying abroad as it could count towards the major and minor. It is a faster and fun way to earn credits.

For information about extra-curricular activities, please join our program page on Facebook and stay informed of our Conversation Happy Hours, celebrations, field trips, and much, much more.

Please contact the Portuguese undergraduate advisor, John Tofik Karam, at with any questions or comments..

Procedure to Approve Study Abroad Courses

If you plan on studying abroad in Brazil or another Portuguese-speaking country or are seeking more information about transferring study abroad credit to U of I, please contact the Portuguese undergraduate advisor, John Tofik Karam. For more information on study abroad credit transfer in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, click here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Program!