CONSULTING BRAZIL is a registered student organization (RSO), which offers its members an opportunity to work with real corporate clients and apply all they learn about the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture in a real-world scenario. Consulting Brazil at UIUC is part of a more comprehensive project called The Brazil Initiative at UIUC. The Association was founded by Nola Senna (former Portuguese Coordinator), Steven Carlson (Communications & Portuguese, Class of 2013), and Sean Barry (Economics, Class of 2014).

For more information, contact Fernanda Santos, President, or Andreia Lisboa de Sousa, Faculty Mentor.



It started when two students realized they needed more long term resources on campus, besides the classes they had taken, for students interested in the emerging market of Brazil to pursue their goals. They set out to find possible alternatives and decided to propose a new course syllabus. Guided by their faculty mentor, this initiative has quickly grown into a campus-wide project. The ultimate goal is to combine academic resources and practical experiences, enabling undergraduate students to apply their classroom learning to analyse, offer solutions and contribute to real-world issues related to Brazil.

We believe that leveraging academia with a professional application-based emphasis will fund the innovation, promotion, and enhancement of a student’s future; while positively contributing to a strengthened US – Brazil relationship. This belief is the inspiration for creating the Consulting Brazil RSO. The student-run organization promotes professional value-added relationships between Illinois students and organizations, entrepreneurs, and companies in and/or interested in Brazil. From startups to large enterprises, American and Brazilian, our resources serve as an alternative to big-budget international consulting organizations.

Why Brazil

Passion for Brazil has fuelled our team; however, it is the burgeoning trade partnership between Brazil and Illinois – and the greater Midwest region – that has truly driven this initiative. Complementing the increasing role of Brazil in the world’s economy and the State of Illinois’ trade mission, we are positioning students to profit from this fast-growing commercial and research exchange. Our unique location in the heart of Illinois and in a top research institution, allows us to provide potential clients from agriculture to manufacturing the opportunity to gain value-added solutions from students, coupled with very strong faculty supervision. Both American and Brazilian students will collaborate to enhance understanding and engagement of the US and Brazilian cultures to entities across the private, public, and not for profit sectors. To help us achieve this goal, we are increasing collaboration with key state agencies, private foundations, associations, and other universities from around the Midwest.

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