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You want to gain linguistic and cultural proficiency in Spanish?  You want to know how to choose a program abroad?  At the same time, you want to complete a Spanish major or minor ?  Read on!

Choosing a program

The SIP department accepts credit from many programs abroad in both Spain and Latin America in order to fit a variety of needs.  Four programs exist for which coursework is aligned directly to our curricular needs.  They are:  LAS-SIP YEAR IN BARCELONA; CEGRI, GRANADA, SPAIN; UNIVERSIDAD DE DEUSTO, BILBAO, SPAIN; AND SAN JOAQUíN DE FLORES, COSTA RICA.  The LAS-SIP YEAR IN BARCELONA is advised by the Spanish advisor, while all other programs are advised through the Study Abroad Office on campus. 

Many other programs are readily used by our students as well, the most popular of which are:  USFQ, QUITO, ECUADOR; BUTLER PROGRAMS IN BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA AND SANTIAGO OR VALPARAISO; CHILE; ITESM PROGRAMS IN MEXICO, as well as programs in GUANAJUATO OR GUADALAJARA, MEXICO. The department does not evaluate these programs directly on a regular basis.Therefore, credit for courses taken is not automatically guaranteed. In order to receive specific course or elective credit from these programs, all students must return to UIUC with syllabi and course materials from each course (please see specific materials required in the link below). Students must see the Spanish advisor before selecting courses in Study Abroad programs, and they must understand the specific conditions under which academic credit will be granted. The following form should be used as a guide and cover sheet when submitting course documents.

SIP Course Approval Cover Page and Instructions for Courses NOT in SAO Database.

To begin the process of finding the program that is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I want to spend a year abroad (or a semester or summer)?  Keep in mind that the longer immersed abroad, the better chance to acquire strong language skills. A year abroad works well toward a proficiency goal, a semester abroad just gets you started in your language acquisition process, a summer abroad is really an extended cultural and language 'drop in the bucket' toward acquisition.  (Year program:  LAS-SIP Year in Barcelona; Semester:  most other programs; Summer:  Buenos Aires, Bilbao, Costa Rica, Granada, Mexico)
  2. Do I want a program that offers classes in a small institute to UIUC and other non-native Spanish speakers?  (See Barcelona, Bilbao, Costa Rica, Granada, ITESM/Mexico)  Or do I want a program where I take all courses with native speakers of Spanish? (See Ecuador; Buenos Aires, Argentina;Chile)
  3. Do I want a program through which I can complete the major in one year and receive all advanced hours toward graduation?  (See SIP Barcelona Year Program)
  4. Do I want a program through which I can take courses for the minor?  (See all semester or year-long programs)
  5. Do I want to take core courses in the major (e.g., Span 204, 228, 250, culture, electives) in a semester program?  (See Bilbao, Spain; Granada, Spain; Costa Rica--but note!  Only 3 advanced hours can be accepted from these programs per semester toward the major)
  6. Are there programs where I can take courses outside of Spanish (e.g., biology, math?)?  (Your goal for abroad should be mostly Spanish major or minor courses, but for limited courses outside of Spanish see Barcelona year-long, USFQ Ecuador, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Chile)
  7. Do I want to live with a Spanish-speaking family or in an apartment with Spanish-speaking or foreign students? (Family:  See all programs; Apartment option:  See Barcelona and Bilbao)


programs whose coursework mirrors UIUC spanish courses:




If you are interested in the LAS-SIP YEAR IN BARCELONA program, please contact the Spanish advisor ( for more details and check out the link above for application deadlines.  If you are interested in any other program, please first view the Study Abroad Office First Steps Video Also check out Study Abroad Fairs and Informational Sessions throughout the year. 

Financial aid information and how it can apply to Study Abroad.

Study Abroad Scholarships

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All program descriptions can be found at the Study Abroad website on campus:  UIUC Study Abroad Office