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TarynTaryn Lempa


Area of Interest: Spanish for Health Professionals

There is a large number of students on campus who intend to apply their language and skills in the health field. I'm working towards creating a course that would allow those students to improve their language proficiency with their career goals in mind. This might consist of a specific pre-health course or a more general independent study to serve a wider variety of professions.


muñozKathleen Muñoz

Vice President


Areas of Interest: Spanish for Health Professionals

I am a sophomore double major in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Spañish. As well as being a member of the SPANPORT I am also Secretary of Public Affairs of the Latino Student Association. I have worked in the health care system in San Juan, Costa Rica as well as traveled to Spain and Mexico. I will participate in helping to create a course to show pre-med students the value of being bilingual in the ever-growing health field and how Spanish helps in working to their future goals as a health professional.


martinSilvia Martin



I am a sophomore pursuing a dual degree in Speech and Hearing Science and Spanish and eventually want to be a bilingual speech-language pathologist. I love everything to do with Spanish and plan on studying abroad next year in Barcelona! My mother’s side of the family is from Cataluña, so I cannot wait to improve my Spanish and connect with all of my relatives still living there. While I have not studied abroad yet, I constantly hear about how amazing it is, and I want everyone to get the chance to travel and study in a foreign country. This is why while on the Spanport Undergraduate Student Advisory Board I decided to take on the project of assembling a study abroad panel so students can learn first hand from their experiences.


Halley JuvikHalley Juvik


Area of Interest: Portuguese and Indigenous Latin American Culture

I am a member of the SPANPORT Undergraduate Student Advisory Board because I have a passion for languages, especially those associated with Latin America. I think that there needs to be more emphasis on the importance of learning foreign languages, from both a cultural perspective, and because it is a terrific professional asset. Therefore, I hope to communicate this to college students, and encourage them to consider completing a degree in Spanish or Portuguese.

I am a sophomore double major in Sociocultural Anthropology and Portuguese Language and Brazilian Studies. As well as being on the SPANPORT Student Advisory Board. I am an Anthropology Leader and President of the Anthropology Club. Next Semester, I will be studying abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I will focus on improving my Portuguese, as well as immersing myself in Brazilian culture. After I complete my undergraduate degrees, I plan to continue my academic career by getting a masters degree in Museum Studies, then I will hopefully move to Latin America to pursue a career in museums and indigenous representation. I love Spanish and Portguese, and I can't wait to put these languages into practice next semester.


Maura Benson

Maura Benson

Area of Interest: Spanish for Health Professionals, Website Design, and Alumni Relations

As one of many students on campus pursuing experiences involving both Spanish and the health sciences, I fell it would be beneficial to design curriculum within the Department of Spanish and Portuguese that connects student with particular career intentions with corresponding areas of Spanish terminology and research. I also plan to work on a web page documenting news and information about the SPANPORT Student Advisory Board.


BradleyBradley Rafferty


Area of Interest: Second language acquisition in the STEM community

As a Mechanical Engineering and Spanish double major, I have come to appreciate the balance that Spanish brings to my formula-riddled days. Spanish has been very rewarding in terms of its utility, ability to open doors to life experiences, and the manner in which it has enhanced my communication skills. I think it is very important that STEM majors in particular, who generally stay within their own major or pursue additional coursework in a related field, branch out and differentiate themselves with a minor/major in something so practical as a language. While on the Advisory Board, I aim to create content to help STEM and other majors alike to pitch their language skills in a relevant way for professional contexts.

Other campus involvement:  Formula SAE | Aerodynamics    AIAA | Project Manager    Engineering Learning Assistant


Faculty Board Sponsor

GlenGlen Goodman


Assistant Professor of Brazilian Studies and Portuguese Advisor





User Photo Tasha Robles


Spanish Advisor and Barcelona Program Coodinator