The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is committed to multicultural and multilingual practices of scholarship, learning, and teaching, with a focus on the global areas where Spanish or Portuguese are spoken.

Our undergraduate major curricula provide students with core disciplinary knowledge in the areas of Spanish or Portuguese-language literatures, cultures, and linguistics, and with rigorous training in transcultural competence and critical and analytical skills. Crucially, these skills are all developed in either the Spanish or Portuguese language.  Successful graduates of our undergraduate programs will apply their language skills and disciplinary knowledge in any profession in which multilingual, international, and transcultural communication skills are important, in the United States and abroad.

Our graduate curricula are designed for students who envision a career in higher education or industry and who wish to specialize in either literary/cultural studies or in linguistics within Spanish or Portuguese studies. Successful graduates of our MA and PhD programs enjoy careers as teacher/scholars or as specialists in careers outside the Academy.

Our faculty specializes in Spanish Linguistics, and in Spanish and Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies. We offer undergraduate, M.A, and PhD. programs in Spanish and Portuguese (with a number of specializations). We also offer instruction in CatalanBasque and Romance Linguistics.